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Dear visitor,

Chateau Grezan has been my family home for more than 40years where I have welcomed so many guests from all parts of the world.

Now Grezan has been sold, I have moved out and in consequence I am no longer welcoming guests or managing the Chateau any more.

Thank you all.

Sparkling best wishes

Marie France Lanson

The château of Grézan is my family home and a place of welcome for friends old and new. A starting point for gastromomic and wine-tasting excursions that it will be my pleasure to tell you about.

But Grézan is above all a late-nineteenth century folly, like something straight out of a child’s imagination. Its roots go back not just to the Middle Ages but even to the time of the Romans.

The château is a reconstruction, full of imagination, of a stronghold of the medieval Knights Templars.
Grézan - nicknamed “the little Carcassone” - has a slightly mad architecture which defies normal classification and this is just what provides its appeal to unconventional spirits who appreciate high quality and a warm welcome.

Thanks to my guests, and to their true stories related around my table, one can travel the world without having to leave your seat.
I’m happy to meet extraordinary people with infinitely varied experiences; it’s something
which I find marvelously enriching, as do those happy souls who find themselves here.

We are still working on our site. Just have a look at the photo gallery. You can make reservations or read about Grézan's history and mission in today's hasty world.
The rest of our pages will be filled in shortly.

Yours truly,

Marie-France Lanson


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