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Photo Gallery

What's hiding behind those walls?

Follow these photographs as they capture the mystery and rare beauty of Grezan and the
charm of its rooms, apartments and park. Make your way around the Chateau, discovering
it by browsing slowly through this picture gallery, stopping to let your imagination run wild
as you dream of the people and deeds that once took place under its roofs. Or stroll
through its 3 hectares of gardens and park or through the surrounding vineyards.

The château is located between the Mediterrean (30 minutes drive) and the Cévennes mountains (20 minutes drive) you can see in the background.

Grézan's stunning architecture results from its origins as 2nd century Roman villa and its
history since. A stronghold of the Knights Templar during the early Middle Ages, then a
military chateau in the hands of the Knights of St John of Malta. Fallen into ruin,
after the French revolution it came in private hands. It was restored with a
lot of imagination during the mid-19th century.

Sure, the 'entrée' is what you expect it to be: large chimney, beautiful floors.

But, more importantly, there is life at Grézan.

A tasting in the ball room. Quite an experience. Join them if there is one on.

Stiff? Well no ....

Who would dare to put her bottles of Laurent-Perrier zéro dosage on such a table?

Empty, the ball room - you just saw our lot dining in there -
looks a little bit austere. That's why ...

.... breakfast is served in a nice room .... a bit less
intimidatingly large.

What about the outside behind the walls?

A view on the 19th century 'house' on the château's so-called
"cour d'honneur" and its park (just as the château enlisted as
a 'monument historique' on the famous ISMH-list)

View on the park from the main house's terrace.

Just an overview to give you a better idea. Grézan stands
in the middle of its own vast vineyard areal. The 3 guest rooms
are the main house on the 'cour d'honneur' (the inner courtyard,
not the one where you can see the cars - that's the winery's
courtyard). Three of the appartments are also on this 'cour'.
The fourth one - called 'La Tour' is in the lefthand wall, very
conveniently near the swimming pool.

Because of its medieval walls and towers, Grézans nickname
is 'le petit Carcassonne' (small Carcassonne, the medieval city
that was rebuilt in the 19th century by the famous master
architect Violet Leduc).


A secret place within the main house: 'le puits d'eau'.
Is it still working? You bet!

The main house's 'entrée' and its famous 14th century floor.
Actually, it was the floor of the old château's inner 'bassin'.
Now you can walk on it. Carefully, of course.

Want to see a bit of the rooms and apartments?

'La chambre rouge' - the red room, one of the B&B guest rooms
at the first floor of the main house, with a view on Grézan's park.

'Le paradis de St Jean' - an evocative name for a room high up
in the main house's tower. One gets there by climbing an old,
yet very comfortable, spiral staircase

And here it is, this beautiful hidden staircase.

The mirror in the suite 'L'oncle Eugène'. Its bedroom opens ...

open on the spacious terrace above the porch to the main
house (see below) ...

... just as the windows of its bathroom.

The living room of 'la maison du régisseur', in the old days
the manager's house. The manager ran the winery for its
owner. Nowadays the owners have to work too ...
How (un)fortunately!

The main bedroom of 'la maison du régisseur' in classic
Toile de Jouy....

..... and its 'spare' bedroom in a more refreshing style.

The swimming pool, just outside of the château's walls,
surrounded by stunning palm trees and a bamboo grove
(grown from sprouts that came from the famous 'bambouseraie'
in Anduze).

The main house is located in the central courtyard.
This is a view on the entrance hall, which guards the
14th century bassin floor you've seen above.

The 'petit salon' - Marie France Lanson's
favourite place to sit down for a quiet
moment with her guests.

One of the appartements in the buildings: 'Les menaux'.
'Claustra' has the same airy atmosphere. Old and modern
blend wonderfully.

The appartement 'La Tour' has been build into one of the
towers of the château's walls. Isn't this a wonderful idea: bathing
(see above) and cooking in a castle's real tower?

Let's go back to the château's central piece: Marie France's
kitchen after a tasting. For obvious reasons, it itsn't always
open to her guests ....

However, it's quite something to assist at Marie France's

You've seen a bit of everything now, except for the gallery's
leading to the 'chambres d'hôte'. Upstairs it's like this.

And here, you're on your way down to the entrance hall:

This is enough. The scroll list is too long anyhow.
Let's just walk out, through the kitchen door.





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